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About Us

Who We Are

Boston West is an experienced off-market property trading (aka “Property Flipping” these days) company that has been property transacting since 1999. We specialise in helping motivated sellers resolve their real estate challenges in a fast and efficient manner when traditional options are inadequate and time is of the essence. This provides us with the opportunity to purchase houses direct from sellers who are delighted to exchange equity for the peace of mind that a quick sale provides.

These pre-owned residential 3-4 bedroom homes are primarily located in high-growth, high demand areas in and around Brisbane, Queensland. Depending on the opportunity that presents itself we keep the best ones as rental properties, or renovate and sell the others at normal retail prices for a profit. We have either sold the home or refinanced with a bank between 4 and 12 months. At that point the underlying loan against the property from either a bank or Private Money Partner is then paid out.

Our History

Boston West owes its inception to its founder and director, Jason Moore, who started investing in real estate as a hobby in 1999 as a way to generate additional sources of passive income. He soon realised that he enjoyed being involved in real estate and wanted to pursue his new passion on a full time basis – Boston West was born.

In the early years each project formed the building block to the next as the company gained greater confidence in its vision and ability, while acquiring solid experience in the residential real estate industry and non-conventional property strategies. This ensured Boston West developed a successful track record of delivering quality property transactions and strong returns for its financial backers.

In 2005, Jason was joined by his brother Jeremy Moore for the next 5 years and a successful venture was forged that saw Boston West continue to build on its strengths and grow to where it is today.

While purchasing properties in 2007, we finally had to acknowledge the inability of the banking systems’ to deliver funding in a timely manner. The bank was dragging the chain, the contracts was about to fall through and this was a repeating pattern. In order to address this funding challenge we made three phone calls and had funding available within 24 hours… it was easy, a win – win outcome for all concerned and as a result, an opportunity was created for individuals to participate in Boston West’s property transactions.

Our Team

Boston West has structured its business to operate with a small, flexible core team that is connected to a network of experienced professionals.  Boston West plugs into a wide network that encompasses finance, property, business, debt management and opportunity finders.

Meet the Boston West team

Jason Moore

Jason is the driving force and big picture person of Boston West. He is the face of the company and his core purpose is to create, identify and generate the revenue opportunities for the business.

Jason has a Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing) from the Queensland University of Technology and an Associate Diploma in Business Marketing from Queensland TAFE. He was an account manager and business analyst advising large and small corporations in the fast moving consumer goods industry on ways to improve their profitability. He is also a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (Brisbane) and is a licensed property developer.

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