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Our Money Partner Program


Our Money Partners program was set up so that Boston West can borrow money directly from individuals who have idle or low performing funds in a savings account, term deposit or self managed superannuation fund and are interested in earning a higher return. These Money Partners act as Boston West’s private bank providing it with the finances to fund its property transactions.

Each parcel of funding is based on a specific property with the money being secured by a mortgage over this property. Boston West borrows 80% of the improved value of the property and a solicitor executes all proper documentation and settles the transaction. Boston West also pays all loan, legal costs and government fees, and your name is listed on the property’s building insurance policy.

Although this type of funding arrangement is relatively unknown to the general public, solicitors have been arranging and preparing these opportunities in Australia for over a century and it is a common source of funds for property trading companies like Boston West. The main reason funding arrangements such as Money Partners are relatively unknown is that in the past, only professional investors have had the funds available to lend. Opportunities such as this are now becoming available to more people because of growth in superannuation funds and an increase in the general sophistication and wealth of Australian investors.

Money Partners generates a genuine passive income that runs on auto-pilot without increasing your workload. Better yet, Money Partners leverages the time, efforts and experience of Boston West to deliver you the substantial 12% returns you require with the level of risk you’re comfortable with, allowing you the freedom to pursue other interests, concentrate on other streams of income or just do what you want to do.

So, if you have a source of funds and are not happy with the returns they is generating, you should talk to us. We can help you leverage your money to achieve high returns… even better, we will never charge you a fee to participate in our Money Partners program.

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