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Our Team



Jason Moore
Jason loves to help people. He establish Boston West to help people who wish to own their own home. Jason has over 10 years full time experience in both real estate and renovations.






Teniel Moore
Teniel is te wife of Jason who is also hands-on in their business. She handle all the financial works for the company. She is the heart of Boston West.






Dianne P.
Business Manager
Dianne is a long time business manager. She set the standard and exception for the company. She manages the team and make sure all the work are done.






Nikki R.
Deal Manager
Nikki manages the deal process of every property. She setups contracts and makes sure everything is complete and on time. She works closely with Jason in terms of handling the process and making sure it runs smoothly. She’s worked in GPD for over a year now.





April B.
Human Resource
April manages the HR and training process. She evaluates employee performance and make sure daily task are done and the company rules and policies are respected. She works closely with Jason regarding staff coordination.





Erick C.
Property Intelligence
Erick manages all the property specialist task. He is very knowledgeable about Due Diligence, Top agent report and eRecords. From time to time he will be doing multi task work depending on the work loads. He also knowledgeable Sold Properties and analysis.





Ferly Q.
Property Intelligence
Ferly works closely with Erick. She is an expert in generating Top Agent Report. She is also knowledgeable in doing Due Diligence.






Liz P.
Sales Agent
Liz is an expect in sales. She act as the face of Boston West via phone. She is responsible in registration of new clients and organize BPI schedules. She is also responsible in sending notification for new property to previous leads.





Charisse B.
Sales Agent
Charisse is the life of sales. She organize BPI schedules and registration of new clients. She also notify new, old, previous leads for new properties.







Nick C.
Online Presence/Digital
Nick is the tech and web guy and of the company. Anything that deals with website research and technical concern he is the one to call for.

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